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“Kantor is a minimalist when it comes to verse: plain language, simple syntax, no distracting conceits. A poem, for her, is often the exploration of a single, pared-down image, with no distracting conceits.
The narrative forms like a necklace of beads, with the    truly inspired images shining like gems."

An evocative, concentrated rendering of a complex relationship."
                                                                                 ----KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Part of what makes these poems such a moving and satisfying read is the restraintwith which Kantor describes heartbreaking moments and troubling realizations.....never gives in to pathos or melodrama....clean, clear eyed, close-to-the-bone lines...The changes in her mother's personality as Alzheimer's took its toll will register with so many readers who have gone through, are going through or will go through the same thing with aging parents and siblings.
                           ...WRITER'S DIGEST CONTEST JUDGE

With an impressive candor and an exceptional ability to craft poetry that touches the psyche as well as the heart, "Fading into Focus” (Memoir; Alzheimer’s and a Mother-Daughter’s Changing Relationship) is a truly extraordinary read and one that will linger in the mind and memory long after it has been finished and set backupon the shelf. Absolutely recommended for personal reading lists, "Fading into Focus" is certain to prove an enduringly popular addition to both community and academic library collections.
                                                                          Midwest Book Review 
In Joan Kantor's powerful yet touching memoir about her mother, she explores, with great honesty, the universal themes of parent-child relationships, family history, grief, self-discovery and, most importantly, love and forgiveness."

Lila Weisberger, Founder, The International Academy for Poetry Therapy

"In crisp, poignant vignettes, Joan Kantor focuses an artist's eye on her mother's life.  Her poems unfold the secret nurturing of lost dreams, the crippling power of fear, and the joy to be found in brief moments of freedom.  This rich journey is for everyone."

Mimi Madden, Former Artistic Director, The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival


"The deceptively simple poems of Shadow Sounds often carry a great weight lightly.  In her deeply felt impressions of the natural world, in her honest explorations of the challenges and nuances of family relationships, and in her piercing snapshots of civilization's darker sides, Joan Kantor removes the veil from her soul and shares it with us, in one striking phrase after another."----Steve Straight, author of The Water Carrier

"In words which are few but carry delicious weight, Joan Kantor invites us to focus our senses.  Haunting metaphors and juxtaposed thoughts energize our imagination.  Kantor probes the very axis of relationships, as when she asks, 'Will we still be friends / when her words / have outgrown mine?'  She awakens our awareness with images that turn the mundane to magic: 'cowlick-spiked' marsh grass, 'a shiver of waves...'  A deep read will be well rewarded."----David Leff, author of The Price of Water

In poems dealing with childhood, family (both private and public), the natural world, and the world of art, Joan Kantor shows herself to be a poet on whom nothing is lost.  She faces personal and public demons with great honesty, and she relishes beauty of all kinds with uninhibited zest.  Love and loss, hope and despair do battle here, and the victory (won with courage and determination) goes to the stronger impulse: love and hope.-----Rennie McQuilkin, Connecticut Poet Laureate and winner of The Connecticut Book Award for poetry.

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