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Winning Writer's Digest Award--It could happen to you too!!

I just found out that I won first place for poetry (Fading into Focus) in The Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.  I am both honored and thrilled to have won this amazing award, especially since it was for a book about my mother that brought me to such a place of love and understanding.  She would be so happy!  This book has the potential to help others struggling with difficult relationships, aging parents and/or Alzheimer's.  Hopefully, I will be able to reach a larger audience.  This is very exciting and unexpected.  To all writers out there, this could happen to you as well.  Persevere and keep sending out your work.  Believe in yourself and what you are doing.  Do NOT let all of those nasty rejections discourage you.  Subjectivity is the critical word to keep in mind when the negativity gets in the way of moving forward with what you believe in.


Just finished a poem for an ekphrastic cement at ArtSpace in Hartford.  That poem has been "finished" at least five times!!  I had lots of fun playing with different line breaks an also making the poem very visual.  I just love this writing thing so much; it never gets boring because there's always a way to challenge yourself.  

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Went to Chesterfield yesterday to visit Daniel Chester French's studio.  I've always felt that the hands of his sculpture of his Lincoln Memorial sculpture, are the most important feature.  In the studio, there was a row of sculpted hands hanging on the wall and they were so expressive that I got the  shivers.  Inspiration for another poem!  

Another little tidbit of information for art lovers; there's a fabulous glass art gallery called Schatz's in Stockbridge on Elm Street behind the bank, a bit hidden but well worth the trouble.  Half of the pieces in the gallery had just been on display at NBMAA in their recent art glass show.

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